World Leader in Supply Chain Transformations – North America

An enterprise global supply chain solutions provider grappled with a significant business challenges stemming from the limitations of their Microsoft SQL Server. The existing infrastructure fell short in effectively managing substantial data loads originating from diverse sources. Scalability was impeded and unable to match the pace of their business’ expansion.


  • Microsoft SQL Server platform was not capable enough to handle customers with huge data loads from various data sources.
  • Scalability hindered due to technical platforms not able to keep up with business scale.
  • High downtime YoY due to unreliable systems.


Optimized Data Infrastructure

  • Executed strategic migration of the legacy Stratosphere platform to Snowflake, incorporating data cleanup and validation measures to ensure the consistency and structure of the data.
  • Utilized Kubernetes pods to host all services, enhancing scalability and flexibility.


Scalability & Cost Efficiency

  • Transformed services into serverless, multi-tenant architecture, eliminating the need for region-specific virtual machine deployments.
  • Created and maintained Cost tracking Dashboard and added new entities.
  • Launched Extract Load (EL) service SQL loader for historical load in Supply Chain Planning & Optimization (SCPO).
  • Automated pipeline for Data migration.
  • RBAC development and creating roles, warehouses and users with appropriate privileges.