An Elite Banking Service Provider of North America


  • Every product line uses multiple data sources.
  • Each banking application maintains the data in different retention periods.
  • Very difficult auditing process.
  • Inaccessibility of data within the organization due to missing APIs.
  • Technical downtimes due to inefficient infrastructure on AWS.


  • Extract and Load various data sources data into a single data source.
  • Data Transformations to perform cleansing, ensure quality, archival needs, and historical needs
  • Data Reconciliation to validate the completeness from source to destination.
  • Leveraging blue-green deployment to enable minimum downtime of the database.
  • Consistency in data collection and processing ensuring better visibility to leadership.
  • Better visibility and trend analysis via PowerBI dashboards.


  • Better visibility and accessibility of data.
  • Batch – ODS (Combined data from FIS, Q2, Signature Core
  • Realtime – Signature Core for real-time data
  • AWS DynamoDB for transactional activities
  • Security Layer – Okta integration for securing REST endpoints
  • Network maintenance and management of all infrastructure, creating VPC, subnet.
  • Maintaining and using RDS, S3, DynamoDB, ECR, EKS, CI/CD pipeline, Repositories,IAM, etc. services to create and build robust AWS infrastructure.