A Leading Tire Manufacturer Required Synchronized, Self-Service Data

One of the nation’s largest independent tire and wheel retailers was confronted with a multifaceted business challenge characterized by the absence of centralized platforms for catalogs, a lack of integration with their backend ERP system, a burdensome monolithic legacy architecture, and recruitment difficulties stemming from siloed data.


  • No centralized platforms for catalogs.
  • No interaction with the backend ERP system.
  • Siloed data storage, and inconsistency in data.
  • Monolithic legacy architecture, time-consuming maintenance.
  • Challenges in recruitment due to siloed data within Workday, Okta, and HRMS systems, causing delays in onboarding and low employee engagement.


Platform 360 

Implemented Platform 360 for seamless integration between internal systems, establishing:

  • A centralized catalog
  • Efficient order management
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Synchronized employee data including security, HRMS, and LMS
  • Faster onboarding, and audited offboarding to increase employee and support functions engagement.


The project facilitated a seamless product management process for multiple suppliers, ensuring scalability, robust catalog security, and self-service capabilities. 

By unifying business processes with Platform 360, InOrg empowered:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Integration of 51 APIs and reusable assets
  • Enhanced order processing
  • Automated error handling